Zacks invests $10 million in bitcoin, opens beta of platform

zacks is investing $10M into bitcoin and has opened its beta of the platform, according to a tweet from Zacks CEO and founder Michael Spitz.

The company, which specializes in “digital asset management and investment research,” said it would start accepting donations at in the coming days, which it said would allow people to buy and sell shares in bitcoin.

The service, which is being developed in-house, would offer investors a way to buy bitcoin, or other digital currencies, without paying brokerage fees.

Zacks previously said it was going to open its beta in early 2019.

The firm previously raised $2.4 million in a funding round in 2017, and it has also raised about $1 billion from companies like BlackRock and Goldman Sachs.

Earlier this year, the firm also announced it was working on a mobile app.