How to buy a space shuttle: How to invest

Investors in space companies can now get more value for their money by investing in space shuttle technology, according to an article in the National Geographic magazine.

The magazine reported Tuesday that the aerospace industry is in the midst of a new era where investors can be more confident about investing in aerospace ventures, and that space shuttle missions could be the next big thing.

The article cited a study that shows that for every $1.50 invested in spaceflight, an investor will gain $2.25 in return.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, in the same article, has said the space station could be built by 2025.

Investors will need to look for companies with a solid track record of performance and a low valuation, which could be more valuable to them.

“Space is going to be the future of our economy,” Musk said.

The National Geographic article says space technology could also be used to develop vaccines, solar cells and other technologies that could help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The company cited NASA’s recent announcement that the agency is planning to invest $100 million into commercial launch vehicles that will be able to take cargo to low Earth orbit.

“The companies developing the payloads that could launch on those vehicles are also making strides toward making sure they can land on the surface,” the magazine said.

“And the NASA and Commercial Crew programs are also on the way.”

The space industry is expected to see an increase in investments and investment opportunities as the government seeks to increase the number of commercial launches in the future.

The U.S. space agency has already spent $5.5 billion on commercial spaceflight.

The last time the U.K. government was in the business of launching cargo to the International Space Station, it spent $4.6 billion.