A startup is trying to build an automated trading platform that automatically manages the flow of money from one account to another in the UK

Tech startup Capital One has built a platform that can manage the flow between the accounts of a UK bank and an investment bank, based on an automated system that scans the books of the two institutions.

The startup is working on a platform called CapitalOne Invest, which aims to simplify trading for both investment banks and small-to-medium sized companies.

The platform is currently available for the small- to medium-sized firms.

The system uses machine learning algorithms to determine the best route to take between the two banks and the investment bank.

The algorithm takes into account how much money the two accounts hold and how much is in the accounts.

When the account is not actively trading, the algorithm simply moves money around.

The process is automated by the CapitalOne team.

The software also automatically sends out notifications when a change in balance occurs.

It also lets the two companies exchange money and settle disputes on behalf of the clients.

The CapitalOne program also supports a variety of other investment banking functions.

For example, the system can send out alerts to clients when the value of a portfolio has gone up or down, and when a portfolio is selling at a higher price than the value it was at when the transaction was made.