The investment house has hired one of its biggest fund managers to join its investment arm, as it expands its investment portfolio and focuses on the next generation of tech investors

The investment firm Capital One, which has been the darling of investors, has hired veteran asset manager Bill Stadler, who has worked with venture capital firms including Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, according to a memo posted on the firm’s website.

The new investment group is being formed to focus on new opportunities in the investment industry, with Stadling to join a group of investors and managers led by former Goldman Sachs President Eric Handler, said the memo.

Stadler is one of the most recognizable investors in Silicon Valley and has worked on a number of venture capital projects.

He is a frequent speaker on investment topics and recently co-founded the TechStars Venture Network, a non-profit that promotes technology entrepreneurship in the Bay Area.

In the memo, Stadlin thanked the venture capital community for its support and said he plans to continue investing in the industry.

He also noted that he has a lot of respect for the people and organizations who have been successful in their business, he said.

The announcement comes just a week after the hedge fund and investment firm led by venture capitalist Chris Dixon announced it had hired two top managers in order to grow its investment and technology investment business.

Dixon has led Sequoias venture capital arm, the Silicon Valley Venture Fund, which is led by entrepreneur Tim Draper, and the hedge funds New Enterprise Associates and SALT Partners.

Both firms have attracted a number a high-profile investors in recent years, including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and are among the leaders in the technology and blockchain industries.

Both Dixon and Sequoian, which also has been one of venture capitalists biggest clients, are also investing in a number other tech companies.

Last year, Sequoians founder Alex Levinson said that his hedge fund has made a commitment to invest in a new startup every six months.

Sequoia and Sequanis venture capital investment arm is the second-largest of its kind in the United States after VC firm Andreessen, which recently announced it would invest in the digital currency Bitcoin.