How to build an ‘investment’ club

A new “investment” club has emerged from Australia’s capital, with investors looking to create “real value” through their investment in the city.

Key points:The Sydney-based investment club is the first to launch in Australia”The club is launching a range of services, including a portfolio management service, which allows investors to choose what to invest in and receive monthly returns on their investment,” it said in a statement.

Its founder, Andrew MacKinnon, said the new venture was about “building an investment club that is the most sustainable and socially responsible way to invest”.

“The value of our club comes from our partnership with the city’s most influential leaders and stakeholders, and from our vision of providing a real-time, data-driven approach to real estate,” he said.

“Through this partnership, we can make a real difference in the lives of our residents and their families, and to their communities.”

The “sociically responsible” investment club will allow investors to manage their investment on an “open-minded” basis and to share their findings and data with other investors.

“Our club will be a community hub where members can see what is going on in their community and the opportunities that are emerging in the industry, and how they are impacting the city,” Mr MacKennons statement said.

Mr MacKensons said he hoped the new club would be “a model for the world” and he would be launching the club’s website later this month.

“We’re excited to be working with a very big city and have seen a great response from local and international communities,” he added.

“The clubs model is so simple and so inclusive, we think it’s going to be very useful for all types of investors.”

Mr MacKennons said the club would provide investors with “a place where they can find out what is happening in their communities and see what they are doing to improve”.

“We have a number of things that we’re looking at including the building of a website and the introduction of an app to let investors find out where the housing crisis is happening, and what their community needs,” he explained.

“And we’ll also be doing some sort of community development and fundraising to help the community out.”

It’s a model we’re very excited about, but it’s also going to have a very broad and inclusive membership, so we’re going to work closely with a number people across the city to find the best way to do this.

“MrMacKennon said the clubs aim to have 20 members in Sydney by the end of 2018.”

This is the club that the city wants to see.

We’re not looking to attract just anyone.

We want people to invest, we want to help build the city, and we want people from all walks of life to have the best opportunities,” he told the ABC.”

There’s a lot of young people who don’t know how to manage themselves in the real estate market, and that’s something that we hope to address.

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