Drip Investing is coming to a state near you

Investor Jim Gartner says it’s a new era for drip investing, where investors buy in companies and then take their money out over time.

The investor, who lives in Massachusetts, says the investment process is changing and the companies are becoming more and more appealing.

Gartner founded Drip Capital in 2008.

“We’re going to be able to be really aggressive with how we invest,” Gartners said.

In an effort to attract a lot of investors, Drip is partnering with local investors to invest in businesses they see as attractive.

It’s called the Drip Investment Program, and it allows investors to get in on the action.

As part of the program, investors can get a discount on stocks.

Drip says it will offer a 20% discount on the average cost of a stock on NASDAQ, or the New York Stock Exchange.

Investors can get an extra 20% for buying into companies that have been approved by the state.

There are several states where the Dribblings are also offering discounts, including Texas, Indiana, New Jersey, Connecticut, North Carolina and Florida.

The state that will be the focus of this year’s Drip investment program is New York.

New York has seen its stock market hit its lowest levels in more than 20 years. 

But the Dibblers say New York is still a very good place to start. 

“We want to take advantage of that and go after those markets where we think there’s the opportunity,” Gartenner said. 

The company is currently looking at a few locations that have a good market cap.

To find out more about the Dip Investing program, go to dripinvesting.com or call 646-878-2800.