When Will Investors Get Their $100 Million Weed Invested in Weed?

Investors who want to cash in on the marijuana industry’s untapped growth will be among the first to get their money invested in the cannabis industry.

According to a recent Investor Day, marijuana is on the verge of becoming the most valuable investment category in history.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Marijuana Investment Trust Fund (MITF) will receive its first $100 million investment in February.

Investors will get their choice of investment vehicle, including an initial investment of $50 million.

Investors can also opt to hold the money in a separate account for future returns.

As of now, the fund has raised $4.5 million, but it will likely take years to grow to $10 million in cash.

According the WSJ, the funds target is to reach the next milestone of $25 million.

The investment will be made in a single fund, meaning it will be able to grow with the industry’s expected legalization.

Investors are encouraged to participate in the fund, which is currently available only to investors in the U.S.

As with other investments, the pot investment will benefit the investors by reducing costs associated with the cultivation and distribution of marijuana.

According a report by The Associated Press, the investment will save the government $7.5 billion over the next 20 years.

The Marijuana Investment Fund is one of several cannabis-focused investment funds that are currently available to investors.

The funds focus on the cannabis sector and are aimed at providing a diversified investment vehicle for cannabis investors.

According To The Associated AP, marijuana has more than doubled in value since the federal government legalized the drug in November 2014.

The marijuana investment fund was founded by Andrew Koppenhaver, the former head of a hedge fund in the early days of the marijuana market.

The fund is now led by Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of Blackstone Group.