The Rise of Passive Income Investing in BlackRock

With BlackRock’s latest move, its now possible to invest in passive income as a passive account.

BlackRock has announced a new passive account, which is similar to Vanguard’s popular passive funds, but offers higher yields and allows for a more diversified portfolio.

Blackrock has also announced that it will soon introduce new passive investments, which will be a popular feature in passive investing.

BlackRock, which has been the top passive investment provider in the US for years, is one of the best managed mutual funds in the world.

Black Rock manages nearly $300 trillion in assets, with the vast majority of its assets invested in high-quality, index-tracking securities.

In 2014, BlackRock reported that it had outperformed the S&P 500 by nearly $1 trillion.

While passive investing is a relatively new concept for investors, it’s not entirely new.

Passive investing has existed for many years in the United States, with investors looking to take advantage of the lower cost of living to lower their taxes.

There are many different types of passive funds that focus on one specific asset class.

In addition to traditional funds, passive funds also offer a mix of stocks and bonds, and some have a mix in a certain asset class, like gold.

Blackrock, which started investing in passive funds in 2008, has been a dominant player in the space for many, many years.

The company now manages $300 billion in assets and has more than a million active accounts, making it the fifth-largest passive fund.

Blackstone, the world’s largest private equity fund, has more active users than Blackrock, and has a similar user base.