How to invest with a fixed income investing company

Aussie investors looking to start a fixed-income investing company are in luck.

The Federal Government has just announced a series of measures aimed at helping investment managers and investment advisers meet the demand for a growing number of Australian households, businesses and other financial institutions.

The measures are designed to reduce the number of Australians investing in fixed income assets by more than half by 2020.

They also seek to reduce investor uncertainty.

Here’s a quick guide to what to look for when choosing the right investment company.

What’s new?

The government’s changes to the investor rules and investment companies will: give investors greater certainty on their investment options The government will make it easier for investors to get the information they need to make informed investment decisions.

Investors will also be able to choose the investments they want to invest in and the investment advisers they want.

What you need to know about investor restrictions?

An investor who holds a fixed portfolio and has invested in Australia’s fixed income asset classes (such as fixed income ETFs and index funds) will need to meet certain requirements to qualify for a fixed account.

For example, they will need: to have invested in an asset class of more than $250,000 in Australia before the end of 2018 and be aged 25 or older.

(For more information about these requirements, read our FAQ section on investing in Australia)