What to do when you invest in stocks with your daughter

Recode is hosting its Women Who Invested in a Conversation series this week, highlighting stories of women who are investing in companies.

In today’s episode, we’ll look at two women who’ve invested in companies with their daughters, one of whom is a marketing executive at a pharmaceutical company, and the other is a teacher who teaches in a private school.

In the first case, we discuss why it’s worth investing in stocks for your daughter.

In the second case, the two women have a different approach to investing.

The marketing executive, in the first episode, explained that her investment in a company was based on her own experience as a marketing person.

The teacher in the second episode, on the other hand, explained why investing in a small company, even a small one, is more of a risk than investing in an institution like a bank or pension fund.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the difference between investing in the stock market and investing in other companies.

And you’ll also learn about how to invest your own money into your daughters investments.