What is an ethical investing company?

Wells Fargo invests in airlines and other financial services, but it also invests in other companies that do business with airlines, according to its financial disclosures.

The firm says that when it buys airline stock, it has the option to pay an additional commission to the airlines, but the companies have the option of refusing the payment.

Wells Fargo is one of the largest airlines in the United States.

Its shares have fallen about 30 percent over the past year, as the economy has slowed and it has struggled to compete with other carriers.

The company has raised billions of dollars in debt to finance the acquisition of Continental Holdings.

In a statement, Wells Fargo said it was interested in investing in the airlines because they are a leader in providing value for their customers, as well as having a diverse customer base that is diversified by gender, age, race, and geographic location.

In its financial disclosure, Wells said that it paid $10.5 billion to buy the company.

In 2015, Wells sold its interest in a company called First Data Technologies.

The deal netted the company $12.7 billion.

Wells Fargo also owns about 1 percent of JetBlue Airways, which is the third-largest airline in the world.