$25M in ARC Investments, a New Opportunity for Investors

Posted October 02, 2018 09:17:31A new ARC Investment Fund has opened up for investors in the United States and around the world.

The investment fund, named the ARC Investor Development Fund, has been created by ARC Invest Holdings Inc. in partnership with the National Association of Investors.

The ARC Investor Education Program (IERP) is a national program for investing in emerging markets, including Africa, Asia and Latin America, and is an extension of ARC Invest’s commitment to helping U.S. investors understand the potential opportunities and challenges facing their country.

“This new investment is another important step toward a brighter future for ARC Investments,” said Robert J. Kestner, ARC Investment Chairman and CEO.

“We are proud to partner with an organization that will create a brighter, more efficient future for our customers.”

The ARC Investor Program is a three-month program that brings together leading institutional investors in U.K., Australia and Europe to share and learn about the investment opportunities and trends of the region.

ARC Investment will host a series of events across Europe this fall and will be holding further educational workshops in the coming months to further inform the ARC investor community.

“The ARC investor education program is an excellent opportunity for investors to learn more about their investment opportunities, including the opportunities in emerging economies,” said David J. Fusco, CEO of ARC Investment.

“ARC Invest is the only investment firm to offer an investment program for emerging markets.”

The program is open to ARC investors who are U.k. residents, have invested in ARC investments in the U.s., and are interested in investing in ARC securities in the emerging markets.

ARC Investors will be able to enroll at the ARC Investment website, or by calling (800) 677-5555.

ARC Investor classes are available on the ARC Invest website and by calling ARC Invest at 800-645-8899.

ARC Invest has also partnered with The National Association to host an ARC Investor Certification Course in October that will provide investors with the necessary skills to invest in ARC, and to participate in the ARC Insider program.

About ARCInvest: ARC Invest is an investment management firm based in Sydney, Australia, that provides the best in-depth and personalized investment advice.

ARCInvest provides financial advice and investment advisory services to more than 25,000 Australian, Australian-registered investors, and invests in a wide range of emerging markets across the world, from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

ARC invests in emerging market equities, real estate, and commodities.

For more information, please visit www.arcinvest.com