NFL’s Lincoln Investments picks up stakes in SpaceX and invests in startups

LOS ANGELES — The NFL has bought stakes in two companies that are expanding the commercial spaceflight industry.

The league announced Tuesday it had purchased Space Exploration Technologies Corp., a commercial space transportation company based in Austin, Texas, and Planetary Resources Inc., a space exploration company based out of Texas.

The investments are valued at $1.3 billion and $1 billion respectively.

The companies will continue to be owned by Lincoln, which acquired the companies in 2014.

Lincoln, based in Las Vegas, is known for its high-tech and advanced manufacturing.

It has a $2 billion business in solar energy and other renewable energy technologies.

Planetary Resources, which also owns the space exploration firm Blue Origin, was founded in 2004 by Bill Nye, the Science Guy who created the popular YouTube show “Bill Nye Saves the World.”

The NFL announced the investments in a blog post that highlighted the importance of investing in businesses that will “revolutionize the world’s economy and society.”

“Space is poised to make the world a more beautiful place and a more accessible place to live, work and play,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in the post.

“We’re making investments in companies that can help us do just that.”

The new investments will allow the league to continue to support companies that want to take the next steps in space exploration and exploration technology.

The NFL has previously invested in companies like Amazon and SpaceX, but those investments have not come close to reaching the astronomical price tags associated with these investments.

In recent years, the NFL has had a rocky relationship with Space Exploration.

The league recently pulled its 2020 season from the 2018 Super Bowl due to safety concerns related to a new strain of the coronavirus that had been circulating in the United States.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association, which represents NFL players, reached a settlement in that case that was finalized this summer.