UAE invests $3 billion in UAE stock market investment

Investing in stocks is a growing trend in the UAE, where the country is home to a large number of investment funds.

UAE Investment Authority (EIA) chief Abu Dhabi Investment Management Co (ADMIC) said in January it had invested $3.2 billion in the market and the government would invest $4.5 billion in next year.

“It is not a new investment but we will invest in a market that is more diversified than the stock market,” ADMIC chairman Mohamed Al-Khawaja said.

“We have seen a lot of consolidation in the stock and bond markets in recent years.”

ADMICS shares have gained 10% over the past year, with the shares rising 14% in the first quarter of this year.

Dubai’s stock market was already the world’s biggest.

The stock market is also the largest in the Middle East and North Africa.

Investment Authority chief Mohammed Al-Bakr said the government had already spent about $1 billion on its first investments in the sector.

“I have invested in a number of sectors,” he said.

ADMICO had about $5.3 billion of its capital invested in the year ending in March 2017.

The UAE is the only Arab country to have the world in its stock market.

It has the biggest number of public companies in the region and has one of the lowest average earnings in the world.

The country also has the highest rate of female labour force participation.